We live in a fast-paced world, driven by short-term trends, and a growing demand for raw material, while our natural resources are continually decreasing.

With our holistic approach, we rely on a shift in values ​​towards sustainable consumption behavior.



re-new. re-vive. re-love

The manufacturing at Misolei is without surplus and aims a responsible and sustainable consumption, regardless of current trends.

We mainly use vintage and antique materials as well as production residues and patterns as a basis for our creations.

All our products are crafted by hand in Germany and Spain, following sustainable and ethical practices.


My passion is to dig up forgotten treasures and bring them back to light.

My goal is to create unique products with respect to our environment and human beings.

Maria del Mar Romero

Holistic Approach

We live the concept of slow design because we firmly believe that social and environmental responsibility is not a choice but an obligation.

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